Level up your gaming performance with KNOSIS nootropic supplements. Made with clean ingredients and scientifically tailored for gamers, KNOSIS Energy + Nootropics will keep you playing sharp and laser-focused without the jitters. Just shake it up and sip your way to victory.



KNOSIS is the world’s first eSports lifestyle nutrition brand. We're committed to being the best in our game so you can be the best in yours. Our mission objective is to help fellow gamers reach their ultimate potential — both in-game and IRL.

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What People Are Saying

As a content creator and a streamer, I am expected to bring top-level gameplay and energy to each and every one of my streams. KNOSIS is the only pre-gaming drink and nootropic that provides continuous energy, focus, and motivation I need without the crash that follows most competition energy drinks.

KNOSIS is the BEST gaming supplement out there by FAR! Whether it's a 3-hour stream or an 8-hour stream, KNOSIS gives me that long lasting energy (with 0 crash) I need to keep me going. I'm instantly dialed in and focused ready to carry my team...plus it’s DELICIOUS!!!

I get easily distracted and off task frequently but KNOSIS really puts me in the zone and streamlines my workflow. As an AVID coffee drinker, I was surprised that I actually started consuming this product instead of my morning coffee... Love that it has less caffeine! Secondly, I can take this before dropping in WarZonewar and genuinely feel like I’m more dialled in, and love that I’ve more or less stopped my energy drink consumption!