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Photo of JackedZilla

JackedZilla (AKA Papazilla) is the CEO of CoD content. With one of the most loyal Twitch followings around, he’s been FPS gaming since the first Half-Life (for you young pups, that was back in 1998). He got into playing Counter-Strike 1.6 competitively and he’s been hooked on gaming ever since. 


Photo of Bad Bear Gamer

CEO of BDE & Founder of the BEAR GANG, Bad Bear’s been gaming ever since he was a cub. Still obsessed to this day, Bad Bear balances gaming with working full-time in the financial industry and being a dedicated family man.

With the highest subscriber to follower ratio on Twitch and a former high-level football player, Bad Bear know’s what winning’s all about. 

Bad Bear Gamer

Photo of Maleon

Maleon’s been gaming since MW2 came out a decade ago – CoD’s been his main game ever since. This jacked gamer loves multiplayer gaming for two reasons: because it lets him flex his competitive side and because it brings people together. 

Maleon started streaming as a way to share funny clips with his friends, but the internet picked up what he was putting down and his Tik Tok blew up within months. During long days of gaming and streaming, Maleon counts on KNOSIS for the energy and focus to perform at his best.


Photo of Halite

Halite started streaming to make a difference in people’s lives. He believes that life is too short to not chase your dreams and encourages everyone to follow their dreams. Halite is a university graduate who turned full-time creator in March 2020. In just over 1 year, Halite has gained over 155k TikTok followers, hit Twitch Partner with 12K, and 25k YouTube subscribers. He attributes his success to his amazing community who drives him to continue to be his best self every day. #HaliteKingdom


Photo of GOJJ

GOJJ has more than just experience gaming, he has passion. Started streaming and content creation in June of 2020, he has quickly become one of the fastest rising stars in the call of duty community from a caster and tournament organizer perspective. Having organized 15+ Warzone tournaments and Casted 20+ events, he has experience commentating over the biggest and best Warzone tournament players' gameplay out there. He streams daily to build up a positive and uplifting Gojj Squad with constant weekend tournament events to continue to grow his reach


Photo of FloMcNasty

FloMcNasty has been streaming for over 2 years, he got his start in Fortnite and slowly migrated into Grand Theft Auto V roleplay. He began streaming to connect with others around the world and his goal is to make others happy and meet new people. You can expect comedy, fun times and drumming when checking out his channel on Twitch. 


Photo of Chunky Hustle

Chunky Hustle has been gaming since he’s been able to hold a controller. He started with platform based games at the age of 3 and graduated to FPS based games as an early teen. Some say the best part about his personality is his beard… Chunky’s response? “They’re not wrong!” #HustleGang

Chunky Hustle

Photo of KinCrewMusic

Kin Crew is an award-winning artist/producer duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia with millions of online streams. Gee of Kin Crew has been a die-hard gamer since before junior high - playing competitive MLG Call of Duty back when COD 4 first came out. 


Photo of Ryan Snouffer

Ryan is a pro golfer currently playing on the Forme and Mackenzie Tours. When he isn't splitting fairways and throwing darts on the greens, he can be found gaming like a beast with RPGs and open-world survival games. KNOSIS gives Ryan an edge while Gaming on and off the course!

Ryan Snouffer