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We’re all gamers.

We gamers aren’t chained to our screens; we are also competitors, athletes, creators, entrepreneurs and hard workers who strive to be the best at whatever we do. KNOSIS is built for eSports performance and energy – and a whole lot more too. Take it whenever you want to win.



It was 2008 and COD Modern Warfare was the shit. 

I was doing nothing but working, hitting the gym and gaming until the wee hours of the morning. One day I was jamming on my Xbox, still riding a potent pre-workout buzz and realized: “holy shit, this stuff helps me game better!” It seemed too good to be true: the pre-workout psyched me up, gave me energy, and helped me focus for hours on end. 

But it wasn’t that great for me. It was LOADED with stims and muscle-building ingredients that I didn’t need. It was a product built for my body, not for my mind.

So I thought: what if there was a supplement designed specifically for eSport performance? 

Fast-forward to 2019 and, after a bunch of research and trials, KNOSIS was born: a product to help unlock your potential and win your game. 



Hey, I’m Erik.

I’m a sports nutrition enthusiast, eSports fanatic, marketer, family man, and former crane-operator and IFBB Pro (2015 Mr. Canada), I get psyched about helping people perform better – at anything. That’s what KNOSIS is all about!